Karate Training

Karate Class

  • Duration :
    1 hours - 1.30 hours
  • Wednessday
    6.00 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Capacity :
    35 person


  • Admission Fee :
  • Monthly Fee :
  • Grading Fee :
    [see grading fee schedule]

Our Trainers

Sensei Jojo Joseph

Chief Instructor
[5th Dan Karate, 1st Dan Kobudo]

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Karate Style
Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seibukan
Affiliated To
International Shorin Ruy Seibukan Karate Do India
Study Mode
Warm-up, streatching, strenthening exercises
Karate Basics, Combination Techniques, Katas,
Ippon Kumite (One step sparring), Sanpon Kumite (3 step sparring),
Bo Kata, Advance Techniques
  • Lessons from a professional world class Personal Trainer and Coach
  • Busting the health and fitness myths leaving you with a rapid route to success
  • Goal setting guide made specific to you
  • The key nutritional and training advice for fast results
  • Fully interactive bonus Q & A sessions
  • Easy to follow course content that you can action straight away
  • Full support provided throughout each module
Who Should Attend?
  • Those who have a desire for flexibility so they can pursue a range of roles within the fitness industry, from exercise instructor opportunities, to personal training a range of clients
  • Those with a need for a one-stop shop for their fitness qualification and career kick start
  • Those with a preference for a comprehensive program geared towards industry requirements
  • Those with an interest in attaining more than just qualifications, but a way of life and a pathway to success
Our Grading

Like all other Karate disciplines we also have grading system. Usually every 3 months grading test will be conducted and awards appropriate colour belts to its participants. Black Belt test are conducted once an year by the Chief Examiner of International Shorin Ryu Seibukan, India. The belt schema as follows :

  • (White)
  • 9th Kyu (Yellow)
  • 8th Kyu (Orange)
  • 7th Kyu (Green)
  • 6th Kyu (Blue)
  • 5th Kyu (Purple)
  • 4th Kyu (Brown 4)
  • 3rd Kyu (Brown 3)
  • 2nd Kyu (Brown 2)
  • ist Kyu (Brown 1)
  • Black (Shodan)

Class Registration